Fascism is Coming

The left likes to yell that Trump is a fascist. The useful idiots on the ground actually believe this; he's "literally Hitler". The people up top giving commands know better, but let's forget about them because mass-social effects are what's interesting here.

Trump isn't fascist because he isn't a one-party dominant ruler. The fact that everyone in government says whatever they want about him, the left "resists", and he can't get anything done is ample proof.

But on the other hand, right now we have the left. The left is intolerant, angry, violent, and vicious. They'll dox your kids; they'll knock grandma to the ground; they'll shove a preschooler. If you don't believe it just go watch clips of Antifa/BLM doing just that. Even though this is wrong, it's being allowed so that the "right" people can grab power.

This creates a power vacuum. You have tens of millions of normal people who look at this and either shake their heads or become disgusted and angry. They see mayors telling police to stand down. They see how impotent, in some cases complicit, the right-wing is to stop it. Most people will let the temperature get high before acting because there's a lot to lose: family, income, livelihood.

But the seeds have been planted. Power vacuums get filled by... something. Anything. So when a true fascist leader rises up, he'll have support from a lot of people. Hitler wasn't a fascist leader to the Germans; he was a response to Weimar and intimidation from the left, conditions that are similar today.

But now the left has exhausted their social capital by crying wolf for the last 5 years. When modern Hitler rises to power, and he will while being beloved by a large chunk of the country, cries of "literally Hitler" will be met with a response of approximately "yeah, you said that about Trump too so whatever just shut up fearmonger".

The left's final chance to avoid violence is to treat Trump fairly. But it's too late for that. They've doubled-down, tripled-down on their rhetoric and attacks. No one simple backpedals from that; it's not human nature. Thus I'm already lamenting the fact that, from my perspective, this future has already been etched in stone and is unchangeable. And the left was simply useful idiots--the people that got us into this mess were leaders competing for power.

- 1 toasts