The Left Makes You Christian

progressivism, feminism, blm, transgenderism, leftist, communism, postmodernism, lgbt

These are all words for ideologies--there are more words but these will do.

There is a pattern here: you either have faith in The Lord or you place your faith in something else. Let's pick on BLM. There is an ideology, a narrative, an original sin (being born white), and a dogma that you cannot question. It's the 1500s catholic church all over again.

Humans are built to have faith. Put your faith in the wrong thing and you look like an idiot to outsiders while your own life becomes awkward and wrong.

There is too much complexity and nuance for our brains so again, we are made to have faith. That's all we need to say on the subject because it entirely explains why you can have 300 fervent white people at a BLM rally meanwhile finding a black dude there is like playing Where's Waldo.

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